Nile Abys — Useful Links

A. General Cat Links

1.    Cat Fanciers — Exhaustive general cat information, including breed description, etc. US-centric —

2.    CFA Inc. — Major US cat registering body. Site's great strengths include standards, photos and descriptions of every breed registrable with CFA. Specifically US.

3.    Waltham's World of Pet Care — Commercial site of UK's (and Australia's) largest  pet food manufacturer. Very good on cat & dog nutrition and food testing —

4.    NSW CFA Inc. — Major NSW and largest Australian cat registering body. Site has many general useful sections as well as quite up-to-date NSW show results and Annual Awards standings  —

5.    VIC FCC — Major Victorian cat registering body —   

6.    GCCFSA — Major South Australian cat registering body —

7.    FCCWA Major Cat registering body in Western Australia

8.    GCCFV Major Victorian cat registering body

9.    CCCA Cat Co-Ordinating Council of Australia. "Umbrella" body of which state cat registering bodies, representing some 70% of Australian cat breeders, are members

10.    COAWA Cat registering body in Western Australia

11.    Petnet — Australian site with good general information on care, feeding and health of companion animals; features  "Selectapet", a program that purports to select the right pet for you, from your answers to standard questions — 


12.     Cats of Australia Multi-purpose cat site. Lists breeding catteries in Australia, NZ and elsewhere

13.    Absolutely Cats Directory of Cats and Kittens is an American site, and in its own words, "Absolutely Cats has been online since 1998 beginning with Maine Coons and quickly growing to represent all breeds. You'll find links to catteries in more than 30 countries....One of the most popular sections is the Gallery of Cats and Kittens. You'll find hundreds of photos of cats and kittens....." Find them at

B. Aby-Somali Information Links

1.  CatWorld This is an international site, with a bias towards UK cats, being based in the UK. A lot of information is provided about the UK cat fancy and Abys generally. If you want to see photos of around three dozen of the top Abys in the UK, you'll find them here, neatly classified and arranged, with photo thumbnails so everything loads quickly. In addition to many international links, the site provides online pedigrees and search facilities, photographs and the ability to add your own cats to the Abyssinian database (currently about 12,000 entries). The site is owned and maintained by Mike Shammas, and Mike & Karen's MIKKAR Abyssinians website is also found here.

2.   Abyssinian Homepage — This site is set up and maintained by Christine Ruessheim (BATON ROUGE Abys) in Switzerland. Given that, it is surprisingly US-centric but with European sections. A wealth of information is provided on past and present top cats in USA and Europe, often with photos and 4-generation, detailed pedigrees. Excellent links to other sites are also provided. I had two problems, though: Loading was noticeably slower than any of the other sites here, and the cat colours shown on the photos are not realistic – they really look as though the colour saturation had been turned up in a big way. Well worth the visit for all that —

3.   CFA Abyssinian Breed Council — This is the breeders' advisory body to CFA on all matters Abyssinian. It provides very good information on all significant Aby happenings in the US, top Aby show results and photos of winners, and you can view copies of current and past Council newsletters —

4.   Abyssinian Cat Club of Australasia Oldest Aby club in Australia, started in 1966  

C. Aby/Somali Cattery Links

These are links to some Aby/Somali catteries in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

1. Sue Jentsch's OSIRIS(V) Abyssinian cattery in Melbourne 

2. Carol Collins' JOHARI Abyssinian Cattery in Sydney

3.  Rita & Evelyn Bruche's VIVACE Somali cattery in Adelaide

4. — Eileen and Karel Pittaway's MERINDALEE Abyssinians in Melbourne

5. Fiona & Andre Mangan's NIVALIS Silver Abyssinian cattery north of Sydney

6. Ben White & Wendy Newton's SWIFT Abyssinians in Sydney

7. Gail Warwick's KEMENKAT Abyssinians and Ocicats in Christchurch, NZ

8.,stud%20facilities.htm Isobel Hansell's NISHALKA Abyssinians in Leek, Staffs, UK

9.  Ron & Barbara Darby's SILVERSMOKE Abyssinians and Ocicats in Sevenoaks, Kent, UK

10. Doris Angermund's WONDERLOVE Abyssinians near Dortmund, Germany

11. Carole Carroll's JOYLINCAR Somalis and Abyssinians in Perth

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