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Bambi1.jpg (6332 bytes)We breed Abys in the four eumelanistic colours: Tawny (Ruddy), Cinnamon (Red) Blue and Fawn, and we  are proud of both their temperament and show/breeding performance.

We got our first Aby in 1973 and started breeding in 1976.  In 1980, we  introduced American Abys (Lakme Negusa Nagasht and Tausert's Nulli Secunda) to Australia, no mean feat since at that time they had to undergo 6 months' quarantine and 6 months' residence in the United Kingdom followed by 3 months' quarantine in Australia.

In 1981 we introduced Blue Abys by importing Crownfields Abbai from the UK. In 1984 we imported the first American Blue male in Australia, the incomparable and irreplaceable Gold Dbl Gr Ch Lohrengel Barrow Bambi III. We subsequently imported additional American Abys, Tawny and Blue. The most recent was CCCA Gr Ch, Gold Dbl Gr Ch & (US) Gr Ch Zzaby's Pipe Dream, who came here in February 2001 from Karyn Dillard in Little Rock, AR, and has made a major impression on the Aby fancy in Australia and New Zealand.

We have always given other breeders full access to our imported and local lines.

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Gr Ch Osiris(V) Sioux City Sue, did excellently at shows last year, including several Best-in-Show wins and a Supreme KItten award toward the end of the year. She finished  4th in the top-5 Gr 3 Female kittens in NSW in 2008. In early 2009, she got five Best in Show awards in her first nine show rings as an adult, and then went off the show circuit to incubate her first litter, which was born in mid June (see Litters)


Click on the icon above for a photo of Osiris(V) Sioux City Sue at 7 months (L) and 12 months (r).

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We have sent our Abys all around Australia, and also exported quite a few of them. Nile Abys and their descendants can thus be found in New Zealand, United States, Japan, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, France, South Africa and Denmark. And they always arrive purring. Click on "Nile Abys Around the World" here or below to see how some of them are currently doing

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