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newi.gif (1285 bytes)These photos appear in the February 2009 issue of The Abyssinian Breeder, Vol. 27 No. 1. There are also photos from the 2008 Abyssinian Breeder National Abyssinian/Somali show on this Web site, at Show Photos

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Front Page — KITTEN AND EXHIBIT OF THE YEAR, Ben White & Wendy Newton’s Tawny male cat, Gr Ch JOHARI ALL THAT JAZZ


25th Abyssinian Breeder Show (pp. 5-7) — Judges Vickie Shields (TICA USA); Adriana Kajon (TICA USA); Jane Vermeulen (SACC South Africa)


Groomed to Perfection (pp. 7-12) — Well-groomed Somali; Abys preparing to have a bath; Silver Somali; Variant


Beauty Tips from Hazy (pp. 12-13) — Beauty tips by Hazy

A Day in the Life of a Somali (pp. 15--16) — 16 photographs - you have to see them and read the captions in the magazine (I didn't get the original JPEGs)


TFA Pawprints in Spring Show (pp. 17-18) — Swift Black Pearl with Lesley Morgan Blythe; Joylincar Tammy’s In Love with judge Penny Bydlinski


Centrefold — Top Performers in The Abyssinian Breeder Annual Awards (pp. 22-24) —  Brz Dbl Gr Ch TIJAH TRAIL BLAZER; CCCA Gr Ch & Gold Gr Ch OSIRIS(V) RUNNING BEAR; Gold ACT AoE Plat & Gold Dbl Gr Ch ASMARA REMY MARTIN; Gr Ch Rififi of Wonderlove (Imp GER);  SUE JENTSCH [Osiris(V)]; Gr Ch OSIRIS(V) INFLUENCED BUYOU.


A Pictorial history Of Nile Abyssinians – Part 2 (pp. 34-37) — 1 GK with Ch & (UK) Ch Lakme Negusa Nagasht (Imp USA); 2 CROWNFIELDS BLUE HEAVEN (Imp UK); 3 Gold Dbl Gr Ch & Int Ch NILE ROSENKAVALIER; 4 CCCA Ch & Dbl Gr Ch NILE CARMINA BURANA; 5 Gold Dbl Gr Ch LOHRENGEL BARROW BAMBI III (Imp USA); 6 Ch NILE TALLAHASSEE with Sylean Fairley; 7 Ch NILE HOLLYHOCK; 8 Dbl Gr Ch NILE SCARAB; 9 Ch NILE BLUEBERRY PIE; 10 PHOENIX BLUE NILE with rainbow litter; 11 Eur Ch NILE RHADAMES; 12 Dbl Gr Ch LOHRENGEL BOISENBARI (Imp USA); 13 Brz Dbl Gr Ch ZANDITU FABRICE; 14 CCCA Tpl Gr Ch & Gold Dbl Gr Ch NILE RED FRIGATE; 15 CCCA Ch & Gold Dbl Gr Ch NILE HURDY GURDY.


WA Somalis at the CCCA National Cat Show 2008 (p. 38) — CCCA Ch & Diamond Gr Pr JOYLINCAR SUN GOD AMUN RA with judge Nancy Parkinson


World Cat Show 2008 (p. 39) — Ch DK FABY-CATS ADONIS with owner/breeder Mette Fabricius


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